C++QED  v2 Milestone 10
a framework for simulating open quantum dynamics
Here is a list of all modules:
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 CMakeDocumentation of CMake internals, directed at build system developers
 C++QED useMacros and functions which help to build C++QED projects
 CMakeListsDocumentation of main build files
 CMake config filesCMake config files export targets and variables so that other projects can use them
 C++QED configExport targets and variables for the core component
 C++QED elements configExport targets and variables for the elements component
 FindPackage modulesAdditional custom module files to find specific libraries
 HelpersAdditional helper functions
 Test suiteReference documentation of the test suite components
 Test classesTest classes of the Python testdriver, which define the mode of operation
 HelpersHelper base classes to test classes
 Command line optionsCollected command line options of all test classes
 Configuration file keysCollected configuration file keys of all test classes
 Configuration file Setup sectionConfiguration file keys in the [Setup] category, configuring global behavior